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Using Evernote as a searchable database of folder directories on hard drives





Has anyone done anything interesting and simple to use Evernote to keep a searchable list of folders that are on external hard drives beyond outputting a text list from a Finder window and pasting that into an Evernote note?


Thanks in advance!

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I don't know of anything specific, but there are probably Mac utilities that will generate a text file of the entire directory of an external drive.

You could probably use Mac Automator, AppleScript and/or Keyboard Maestro to automate this process, including the import into Evernote.

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Thanks for sharing that link -- looks very useful.

While you could copy/paste into Evernote, you can also just drag the resulting TextWrangler file on top of the Evernote icon in the Mac Dock to import the file to Evernote.

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