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How can I export a list of note titles and associated tags?

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I am new to Evernote and I am trying to use it to organize my life and work. I have arranged a series of notebooks and tags using the TSW method. I am very happy to have discovered this method and think that it will help me greatly.


One thing that I would love to figure out how to do is to export a list of specific note titles and the associated tags so I can send the list to my boss when he asks me what I am working on. For example, I have a collection of notebooks named Tasks, each containing notebooks that correspond to a certain priority or "when". From there I have tags like @ work and @home, as well as sub categories as the task relates to projects. 


You all know what I am talking about as far as all of that goes. Take a look at the attached file. I want to be able to copy just that table into an email and send it to my boss every week. 


There has got to be a way to do it...


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I think the best we could come up with before was creating a Table of Contents note from a list of filtered notes and printing that... however, it does not show tags.


Another thing you could do is to share a few select notebooks with your boss... and if you were to share a TOC note with him, he'd be able to follow each note link to glean any further info on each project/ note.


Your post is a very well-laid-out scenario... and a good case for a feature that would help one to achieve at least what you see in the screenshot. 


Ironically, for now, it seems that beyond manually constructing such a list, sending your boss a series of screenshots might be your best bet - or at least the easiest to produce.


Another possibility might be to search for a piece of software that creates editable text from OCRed images. I was tinkering around with some Chrome extensions today that achieve the same.

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This may be more technical than you want to bother with, but the Note Titles and Tags are stored in a SQLite DB in EN WIn and EN Mac.  You could construct a SQL query to pull the Notes and columns of interest, and export to Excel.

But you would have to know SQL to some degree.

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One way to do this is in Windows is to:

  1. Get the list of notes you want in list view with the columns you want to share.
  2. Click on any note in the view and hit Ctrl-A to highlight them all
  3. Hit Ctrl-C to copy them all
  4. Paste into your email.  If you don't like the format you may have to paste into another app such as Excel to clean it up.

If the list fits on one screen you could use the EN screen capture function while holding down the Ctrl key and just paste that image in your email.

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On a Mac, you can drag your selected tags from the Tag view into a separate application's Text document where they'll be inserted as comma-separated, or drag them right into another note and they'll be applied.


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