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Saved search bug


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I have two saved searches


Incomplete Reminders

-reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231


Completed Reminders

reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231


In my Windows client, these are not working properly. I'm finding some notes with incomplete reminders showing up in the completed reminders. When I go to the web version of Evernote, this isn't happening.


In the Windows client, if I highlight the All Notes link, I can see all of the incomplete reminders just fine. What is up with the saved search? Is my search logic wrong? This is what I have been using for quite some time, without issue. It recently started to do this. Should I change my search logic?

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Try something like 20100101 as your base date in the searches, or some date prior to your first reminder, I use 20130101,  The 0001 year may be confusing things.  Why it would change, got me.  Also, I don't think you need the reminderOrder parameter in your search since the reminderDoneTime should only access reminder notes.


I think the searches below should work:

  • reminderOrder:                with no date should give you total reminders
  • -reminderDoneTime:20100101    should give you incomplete reminders
  • reminderDoneTime:20100101     should give you complete reminders

And with any luck the last two will add to the first.

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Thanks. That worked better.


I had to use this for the incomplete reminders:

-reminderDoneTime:20100101 reminderOrder:20100101


If I left the reminder order off, it would show me all notes, and the incomplete reminders at the top. 


I'm not questioning the logic, as long as the search works as it should.   :lol:


Thanks again!

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You are welcome.  Interesting though, the -reminderDoneTime:20100101 works for me without the reminderOrder value.  Oh well, as you say, as long as it works.   :) 

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