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Evernote for Windows Prerelease:

The note title above the actual note (not in the list of notes) is now minuscule -- very hard to read.  The title is the same small size if you open a note in a new window, and changing the default size for note-editor text doesn't make any difference.

Windows 7 Pro 32-bit.

I'm opening a support-ticket request.  (Ticket # assigned: #997795)

Screenshot below.



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It's now over three months, and several Evernote updates, later, and this problem still persists; I hope Evernote doesn't consider my support ticket (997795) closed.  Yes, the "interim" step suggested above -- turning off beta features -- still solves the problem temporarily (while also deactivating other things), but it really would be nice if Evernote fixed this issue.  One should never have to squint to read a note title. :)  Thanks!

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Just so you know I am running 5.8.9 now (waiting a bit for the newer releases) and the title is regular size.  It has been for a few releases.  I do remember the the small note title issue, but I don't have it any more, even with beta checked.  FWIW

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Hi, Cal.  I'm running 5.8.14 Prerelease, and still have the issue, but, as discussed above, I use larger than normal fonts (125% of normal -- the "Medium" setting under Windows 7).  As Evernote's Emerick said in #5 above:


"Thanks Rob. I suspect that the title isn't respecting that setting. I've filed a bug to address that and I'll link it back to your support request."


And, indeed, that problem of not respecting the font-size setting in Windows does seem to still be present for me. :)

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