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Basic search not working properly.



For example, if I type the word "cat" into search, I get all the words that start with it, like "caterpillar", "catwalk", etc. I thought only "cat*" was supposed to do this. How are we to search for specific words?


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This issue has been reported countless times over several *years*, with non-responses given all along the way:

Here in 2012:
Here in 2013:
Here in 2014:
Here in 2015:

I recently submitted a ticket with very specific examples, and received the terse reply that "Your request has been resolved." When I questioned this clearly false response, I was told "we're working on it", just as many others have been told over the years.

I was looking forward to upgrading from free to Premium when I recently switched to a Mac. But Evernote is almost useless with such a poor search function (on the Mac), so I will *not* be renewing the Premium level of service I have been trying. I’m looking at OneNote and other alternatives instead.

None of the new Evernote features add any value when the most basic function – search – is fundamentally broken.

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