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Tips for transferring HTC Notes to Evernote on Android

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HTC has discontinued its support for HTC Notes and has directed users to sync and transfer their notes to Evernote.


There are several ways to ensure your HTC notes are successfully transferred to Evernote. You can find detailed tips for a successful transfer of your information into Evernote here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/91208787


Let us know if you have any further issues or questions!

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I have tried the first two tips And it did not work, I was not eager to try the third tip because when I request to remove the account; a pop up says all my data will be erased if I remove the Evernote account!!! So I had a live chat with htc support and they were useless and don't seem to know any clue!!!

Why on earth would htc do that? To bind us with Evernote? That makes me not ever want to be a customer to either of you, I have very important notes in there and it wasn't clear to me that the htc notes app will go away prior the update... Why couldn't/can't I sync them with any other app?

I need an explanation and a damn solution for this, ASAP

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Where are my notes gone?


No notice given that HTC notes was being discontinued!

No choice given as to what to do with my notes only install evernote or loose everything!


I installed evernote anyway just so I could get access to them, but when I sync there is nothing there! NOTHING!!!!!


To say that I'm furious is a serious understatement, I had a lot of important things stored in those notes and now they are just gone!


And yes, I followed the pointless "detailed tips" which just describe the same syncing in 3 different ways, one of which offers to delete local content for you.

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Hope someone can help me out.

I always made my notes on my HTC and once in a month or so I transfered them to my computer.

Untll suddenly Notes did not work anymore. On the HTC website it was announced that they will have evernote instead, but I was not informed because I never visit their website...

Otherwise I had transfered my notes before.


The suggested steps on their website did not work. I still cannot transfer or read my notes.

On my computer I (think) to see that they are in (Firefox)HTML now, but am not sure, because when I open a file like that it is unreadable with texts like: È^1áÕêˆÈ$×’2:­W


As told, the steps suggested on the HTC website did not work.

Who can help me out?

I think it is not good for HTC to do so; they will lose clients.

And when transfering doesn t  work someone will blame evernote as well and will never work with evernote.


I am sure I am not the only one this happened to, so your help will hep others as well!!!



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There are some similar queries around the forum -


The conversion from there to here isn't obvious - HTC support at http://www.htc.com/uk/support/htc-one-mini/howto/381564.html explains some of the detail.

  • Go to Settings and click 'Accounts & Sync',
  • Look for 'Sync Notes with Evernote'.
  • Click on the 3 dots and you should find an option that says 'Sync now'.
  • It takes a little while but eventually all your Notes will be in Evernote.

If in doubt,  please refer to the EN KB article here > https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/91208787

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Thanks Gazumped, but as you can read in what I posted is that what was adviced by HTC / Evernote (on their websites) did not work out for me.

The step you posted is one of the 3 steps I refered to... All 3 by them advised steps did not result in having my notes back...

I wish it was possible, even for one hour, to go back to the original system, so I can save my notes...

This happening to me is the reason I still do not use Evernote... So no good business for Evernote.

This happening to me is the reason I have second thoughts about buying a HTC phone ever again... So no good business for HTC

So both companies will lose (customers and money) instead of profit, because I am not the onlyone in the world this happened to.

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Thank you, but I did.... I even had a chat with the (Dutch) HTC helpdesk, followed some suggestions of them, but NO RESULT !!! Their last words were: Sorry we cannot help you, but HTC has the right to make changes in their system....



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I'm sorry (again) that you're having problems.  We're an Evernote user forum,  so if HTC can't help,  I'm not sure what else anyone can do - if another HTC user has managed to fix this sort of situation,  you may get further feedback soon.  You could try Evernote Support,  but I'm not sure what they can do either...  you could try the Twitter link in my signature below.

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Hi Dutchman,


I see that you followed the steps in the knowledge base article and then contacted HTC support. 


I've gone ahead and merged your post with our main topic on HTC notes.


In some cases HTC notes customers have been looking for their notes in wrong Evernote account not knowing that they had accidentally created a second Evernote account. 

Once we got them into the correct Evernote account their HTC notes were available.
If there is any chance that you may have multiple Evernote accounts you could try signing in to evernote.com with any other email address you have used. 
If the notes aren't in another Evernote account then we would have to defer to HTC to provide you with a solution for retrieving your content from the HTC notes app.
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