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Mac app update caused me to exceed my monthly data quota.

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I haven't used Evernote on my Mac in quite awhile. When I attempted to start it last night it said something about being corrupt and to reinstall via the App Store. So I proceeded to uninstall by dragging/dropping into the trash and reinstalling via the App Store. No problem. After I logged in it started importing/syncing all my previous notes and after leaving it to do its thing for at least a couple hours I came back to find it still spinning but not responding. I had to force quit it and send a report to Apple. After I got it started again I made a new notebook and a handful of new notes but after the 5th one it said I was at my monthly limit for uploads this month. Is there any way I can get support to take off some of the data that the update/re-sync caused me to use? Thank you in advance!

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