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Bug: Changing font size doesn't change line size



(I couldn't find this issue anywhere, but please let me know if I'm reposting a known issue).


I'm having an issue when I resize text in Evernote 6.0. When the text gets resize, the line height itself is not changing, so while the text is smaller, the lines of text are not closer together - see the pictures below for an example


Font size 18: 



Font size 12:



When I look at the same note online, the formatting looks great so I think this is an issue only on the Mac client. 



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Thanks for posting this bug.  I mentioned it about a year ago with respect to using EN Clearly, which always makes the first line of the Note with an excessively large text and line size.  Like you say, I can change the text size, but the line height remains the same.

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