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Evernote update caused me to reach my monthly quota.



I haven't used Evernote on my Mac in quite awhile. When I attempted to start it last night it said something about being corrupt and to reinstall via the App Store. So I proceeded to uninstall by dragging/dropping into the trash and reinstalling via the App Store. No problem. After I logged in it started importing/syncing all my previous notes and after leaving it to do its thing for at least a couple hours I came back to find it still spinning but not responding. I had to force quit it and send a report to Apple. After I got it started again I made a new notebook and a handful of new notes but after the 5th one it said I was at my monthly limit for uploads this month. Is there any way I can get support to take off some of the data that the update/re-sync caused me to use? Thank you in advance!

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Hi - sorry for the tumbleweed;  something to do with holidays and weekends...


As to the problem;  deleted notebooks save space,  but don't come off your upload limit because it's a bandwidth thing rather than storage space.  If you uploaded something,  the size counts towards your total allowance.  If you then delete it,  it doesn't add the allowance back.


There's still no reason why a reinstall should cause you to exceed your limit - reinstalling the app should have put you back in touch with the database that would (normally) have been left on your computer.  If fJPG or some reason that was also deleted,  the database would have downloaded onto your computer,  without impacting the upload limit.  It's certainly possible that you had clipped more notes that weren't being synced up to the server until the reinstall was complete,  and if these included large JPG files,  then that might be where your allowance went.


It is possible - and highly advisable - to upload the smallest files possible;  with web clips that's not always feasible.  One way around this issue is to clip items to a local (unsynced) notebook,  and to move them to a synced notebook after some editing.  If you look at the notes in list view you'll be able to see the individual sizes,  and if one note is 8MB or so,  you may be able to reduce the size of the picture to reduce the impact on your upload limit.


Alternatively you could upgrade to premium for a while to get this out of the way,  then revert to free once the rush has ended...

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Hi.  Updating your app doesn't involve any action that would impact your monthly upload limit.  Even deleting your current database and rebuilding it entirely from the server involves only downloads,  which are not limited in any way.  I'd suggest you check your notes in the EN Web version - log in to the database via a browser here:  https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action


If you can see your existing notes via that link,  try uninstalling the app from your Mac (again) and download and install the current version from Evernote.com this time.  Log in with the same user details,  and you should see the same notes...

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So I have logged into EN on the web and can see my notes just fine. The issue of being over limit still persists...


I think the problem is the size of the attachments I had uploaded. I have 1 notebook that has 156 notes in it all with text/pictures that are mostly screen shots or saved Facebook pictures that have been uploaded straight from my iphone. The new notebook/notes I was trying to create was straight from the EN mac app and pictures coming straight from iPhoto. I got 5 or 6 pictures uploaded and then I was over limit.


Is there a way to make the file size smaller (like iPhone) using the mac and EN? I think using iTunes to transfer all my desired pictures back to my phone and then to EN to keep the file size smaller is a giant pain in the butt.


Also, from EN web, I deleted the offending notebook and all notes, then emptied my trash can but I am still over limit with 20 days to go. Shouldnt deleted notes/notebooks come back off your limit? Am I really S.O.L. for the next 20 days??

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