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Took me 2 years to start using it, and now I'm not sure I made the right decision

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I finally moved to EN (Evernote), I was using notes, Things, SimpleNote, and other stuff, and after only a few days, am left with a ton of questions that are hard to root out via a search.


1) This is a big one to me, how do you get the url to always be included in stuff you add to EN?  If I use the web clipper, and take a screen *****, the URL is added in the "info" window.  But use the quick note feature of the actual app, not even a browser plug in, on mac, control-command-N, make a new note, clip a youtube page, or any page, and there is no URL.  if you only clipped the preview icon of the video, good luck finding it again?


2) Clips and screenshots only take the screen, not what the few pages below are?  What is a good workaround, are there other add on's that allow the full browser window to be screen shot?


3) Syncing - How do you know when it had happened? And how well will EN work in a offline mode for extended periods of time.  I will be traveling, adding tons to EN, but may not be online more than once a week.  Suggestions?


4) I am getting killed on these month to month fees. I wish I could point EN to a basic Amazon Storage Container, or my on ssh storage server or NAS.  Add in netflix, hbo, etc, and we are al getting to cut the cord, but still have 150.00 total monthly bills.  Note to online providers, the winning model will be a one time fee for life.  Most companies have not even proven they can make it 10 years.


5) When I get info on a note, it says the author is me, just my first name, how to I alter this?


6) Everwhere it says you need EN Premium or Pro or whatever to get OCR of PDF.  I have dropped in image, text, pdf files, and while there is no timer, or any indication of what is going on, which is another issue, eventually, I will be able to search a pdf or even an image with words and it has pulled the words out.  Whats going on of I am on the free account. My plan is to get a snapscan, and Im pretty sure I will get PDF type recognition and search without going pro.  If it doesn't stay this way, I see a ton of people jumping ship, but can someone elaborate on what extra PDF OCR i get.


7) Dos it have a "Watch folder" where I can drop stuff?  Or I can script a folder to watch and then email it to that special address.



8) There is option to send a file via email, where are the email settings?  I would never truest sending email through an open SMTP EN Server, that is just crazy.


9) Most importantly, my data. How is it stored, logical file structure of files and folders ala time machine and even iPhoto to a degree, or some DropboxEsque mess?  If all breaks, and i have this data file, I am still screwed I take it, those are not just raw files with meta data, EN is storing them somehow unique?  I read a post by someone who upped 2 PDF files I think, and EN would not open, crashed his phone too.  Clearly, the files were corrupt, a file corruption should never result in crash, and even if it does, especially should not lock you out of your data.  Luckily, he logged into web admin, deleted the PDF's, and did a magic dance to get it to sync, which I wish we knew that dance :) and it opened back up.  This scares me a lot, Can someone from EN confirm, they took those PDF files, replicated it, and patched it?


10) How can I tell my sync progress, i click the sync button a hundred times a day.


11) backups?  Is there a file export that will export, I could then completely uninstall EN, and import the export on another computer even, and be back up and running? Is there any way to automate this?  With the corrupt file issue I am afraid.  An app like 1Password has a scheduler in it, and once every x hours, it spits out a full non proprietary backup file to a location you chose.  EN needs this badly I feel.  At the very least, can it be scripted to do so?


12) Can someone outline from an IT perspective, where and how it stores it's files.  Should I use the app store version knowing it must be different than the web download as the app store is jailed, and the web download one would not have to be, which is better, why?  Where are all the files, what format are they in, etc.


13) Are files linked or embedded?  If I take a url clipping, ( .webloc ) or any file for that matter, and attach it to EN, is that in EN AND on my local disk, or has it been embedded and not linked.  i.e.: can I toss the original and not get a "hey, EN can't find file 0001.jpg".  Any data on how EN does linking and embedding wood be great.


Thank you all!!

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I think most of your questions will be answered simply by using the app and/or a little digging. It might be better to create separate threads for some of the more pertinent questions. 


#4 Somewhere over the rainbow...


#7 The Windows client has an "Import folder" feature


#10 During a sync, in list view (on desktop), you get to see your sync progress indicated item by item as it happens. Also, if you're on the Windows client, "spg Scott" wrote a registry editor called "ENRegEd" which allows you to easily tweak some things, including the ability to show sync status. If you'd like a link to the .exe file, just give me a shout.  If you're on iOS, under settings you can enable sync status to show on your home screen.



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