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Searching/Selecting multiple tags with OR operator (tag a OR tag b OR tag c). Possible?

Carlos Cadu

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When I select multiple tags Evernote performs an AND grouping, in order the notes showed are that tagged with ALL the tags only (tag a AND tag b AND tag c).


I would like to see the notes which were tagged with ANY of the tags (tag a OR tag b OR tag c). Is it possible?


Many thanks,



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You could use the ANY: search term


any: tag:a tag:b tag:c



Here is some helpful information on Searches written by Jason Frasca



"Note there has to be a space between the any: and the first search term. Any: must be after other parameters but before the search terms. All words after any: will be assumed to be part of the any: search:"

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Many thanks for information jbenson!


I created a saved search with this syntax pattern and it worked great. 


After I access the saved search, I would like to search notes just considering its result.


However, when I type for instance "task 1" in the search field, Evernote search all notes, ignoring the saved search results.


Do you know if its possible to search inside the content/result of a saved search (any: tag:a tag:b tag:c)?





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It is not possible to do a Boolean type AND + OR search together in Evernote.


The method to get around this is to:

  1. Run the saved ANY: search (for the OR items)
  2. Bulk tag them all (example: temporary)
  3. Run a new search for tag:temporary "task 1" (for the AND items)

Adding a tag to multiple notes is very easy and fast. It can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Removal of the temporary tag is even easier and faster.

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Be sure your search context is set to Search current context as well.  If it is set to Search all notes then anytime you modify the search it starts from scratch.  If the search context isn't current, you can change it by using the drop down on the magnifying glass to the left of the search bar.  

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Thanks for further information guys!

I am trying to understand Evernote a bit more...

Regarding "it is not possible to do a Boolean type AND + OR search together in Evernote", does anyone know if it is a structural limitation of Evernote search engine, or it could be expected improvements in any forthcoming release?


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I think it is safe to say a combined AND + OR search has been requested/discussed for quite a while, years probably.  It has not been forthcoming, nor does EN publish this sort of thing on a roadmap.  So I wouldn't say it is expected at this point.  But who knows?


On the other hand, one learns to develop search processes to accommodate the lack of AND + OR function.  Not a deal breaker for me, so I weather on.  If it is a deal breaker I guess folks find another product.

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