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(Archived) Question about watch folders

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IME, when editing the file outside of EN, the file gets imported a second time, creating a 2nd note. Since I tend to save docs often, while working on them (in case my computer takes a dive, I want to lose as little as possible!) this is a PITA, IMO, b/c you can end up with several notes containing various versions of the same file. It's easy to determine the most current, but still a pain. So I prefer to update the file from within EN. (double click the icon from the EN note) b/c that gets saved to the same note in EN. This does not update the version on your hard drive, tho. So you can either manually save a copy to the hard drive & overwrite the original, or just simply not have a copy on your hard drive & use only the one within EN. (Which, still is technically, on your hard drive but within the EN database. :) )

IOW, EN makes it's own copy of your document. So if you create a new document in a watched folder that keeps the original, rather than delete, once it's imported into EN, you have two copies of the document, the one on your hard drive & the one in EN database. When you edit the one on your hard drive, EN sees that as a new file & imports it as a new note. I think this also happens when you have autosave enabled.

Hope that makes sense.

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