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premium account feature

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Am I correct, if I purchase a premium account; that the shared notes and notebooks are editable by the person i choose to share them with?

If so, are the notes and notebooks searchable by this person if they have a free account?

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Hi Andrew, 


You'll need to do some tinkering... when you share a note/ notebook, you have the option to give editing permissions to whoever you are sharing with. Alternatively that person can also request editing permissions within the note/ notebook itself, which will arrive via email. 


Shared notebooks are always searchable, whether or not you have given anyone editing permissions. I think the restriction comes in with the number of free users you can give editing permissions to. I'm not sure if that has been changed, but it used to be that you could authorize one free user to edit a shared notebook. 

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Maybe I'm getting my wires crossed. It may have been that a free user could only extend Notebook editing permissions to one other user, which may or may not still stand. Here's an easy test to clear the matter up... as a premium user, share a notebook and give editing permissions to at least 2 other free users. If you can, I am positive that there should be no restrictions. Sorry for the confusion. It is not easy at the best of times to get to the bottom of a few limits, which have changed on occasion and which are not made clear in the Evernote Knowledge base. 

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Hi.  I believe there is an official limit to how many users - free or otherwise - can edit a shared notebook,  but it's way higher than 6.  There are practical limits too,  in that changes need to be synced from one user to the server,  then from the server to all other users,  before everyone has the latest copy of the note.  Please stress to your users that they need to sync before,  during and after editing any content to make sure they're using the latest version.  The best way to find out if this works for you though,  is to run your own evaluation - free accounts have syncing powers too,  so a practical test needn't cost you anything but time...

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