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Clipper 6.3 kills my address bar in chrome (updated today) on MAC



I couldn't figure out where to report bugs - so you get it here.


When I follow a link that reloads the same page chromes addressbar is removed. I am sure it is clipper that makes this issue had to turn off all plugins.


This is what's in the log file:

11:42:35 GMT+0100 (CET) (WARN) /background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus
at LogReceiver.warn (/js/common/Log.js:8:386)
at Object.callback (/js/main/Extension.js:14:185)
at safeCallbackApply (extensions::sendRequest:21:15)
at handleResponse (extensions::sendRequest:73:7)


To reproduce the bug simply make browser window small and click on at frontpage link (typically on a logo of som site).


Hope you can reproduce the bug.


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Sorry about that - 41.0.2272.101 (64-bit) same as you. I actually did experience it doing following:


1) go to google

2) Click on the icon

3) You get to the subject page

4) Press google logo

5) Than it happens


Hope you will succeed in reproducing the bug.

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