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EN on Yosemite: is it finally smart to move from 5.7?



I am clinging to EN 5.7 for Mac running Mt Lion, based on the parade(s) of horribles that populated this Forum in the ~90 days following the release of 6.0.  I have no need for anything that Yosemite does (versus Mt Lion) , so i decided to stick with Mt Lion unless and until EN for Yosemite becomes a better EN user experience than EN for Mt Lion. After three months, I drifted away from this Forum because my EN 5.7 on Mt Lion works perfectly and because EN seemed to be playing Whac-A-Mole with point releases every week  But I realize that the Grim Reaper awaits and that one day, perhaps sooner than later, I will need to migrate to Mavericks and to EN for Yosemite. This post asks for information that will help me decide whether I should bite the bullet now.

In your experience running that latest version of EN on Yosemite:
1. Are Notes in readable black on white, or are they still the unreadable gray and gray that caused an uproar?
2. Are the toolbar labels in readable black on white?
3. Is the Tag page still gray on gray?
4. Can I zoom in on the text of a Note?
5. What is your biggest gripe with the current EN on Yosemite?



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Most of your questions are completely subjective.


I am running the latest version and find it to be the quickest and most stable version of the application that I have used.


I have no issues reading text and zoom I don't think has ever been a feature.


Sticking with the old version is fine, but I'm guessing that you are just saving up bigger problems for the future. Any note migration is going to become more complex and therefore more liable to failure the further away from the production version that you get.


You are also missing out on pretty big improvements to the editor and syncing in v6.


I'm guessing you are an adult, so the choice is yours.

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Thanks for the reply.  Is the text of a note black on a white background?  My greatest apprehnesion is being caused by reports on this Forum that note is green text on a green background, unike my version which is black text on a white background. Thanks

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It's never been green text on a green background. It's black text on a white background.


Complaints about legibility have been about the sidebar and some of the items depending on which view you use. 


Other people have complained that the UI is too white.


As I said, I don't have a problem with any of this - I don't think it is all particularly well designed from a UI perspective but to my mind Evernote never really has. Doesn't stop it from being very useful to me.

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well, all I care about is black on white in the note text, so your response comes as a welcome relief.  The tags page is a barely readable gray on gray and now it looks like they've reduced the left pane to the same level of readability. Upgrading to Yosemite and EN Yosemite sound like a wise move based on your comment that the longer that I defer this the less user-friendly the migration will become.  Anyway, thanks again.

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