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sync failed because you have more than 250 synchronized notebooks


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I have just come back to Evernote after trying it out a couple of years ago. I am using Windows 7 Professional.


I am getting the error "sync failed because you have more than 250 synchronized notebooks" even though I only have 2 notebooks created


Below the error it says "You have 2 synchronised notebooks. Please delete some of the synchronised note books and try again".


As I have just started using Evernote again, the 2 notebooks are presently empty as is the Trash.


Any ideas about what is wrong?


Any help appreciated.




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Congratulations, by the way, on the biggest "difference between the real world number of my notebooks and your error message" score so far.  Anyone with only 1 current notebook seen it yet?

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Yes, I have only 1 current notebook - brand new and empty, too, because I just joined Evernote.



..And you're getting the 'more than 250 notebooks' error?  Odd.  Try @ Maximus02's trick of creating a note or two...

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