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Keyboard shortcut for Safari extension?

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What is the keyboard shortcut for the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Mavericks Safari? For example, the 1 Password extension opens with the keyboard shortcut command-\ 


I use the Evernote extension even more often than I use the 1 Password extension, so it is a pain to mouse all the way up and over to the extension's button. Please consider this a feature request if there is not currently a keyboard shortcut.



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There are keyboard shortcuts available. Please visit the Web Clipper options page > Keyboard shortcuts tab and make sure you have it enabled. There you can also see what combinations are current and edit as you see fit. One thing to think about though is if you customize the shortcut it is not possible for Web Clipper to detect if they conflict with any other existing or global shortcut. So you may have to try your way forward if you choose to customize them.


This assumes you are using the latest version 6.2.4.

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Thank you!


If anyone else is having trouble finding the Evernote Web Clipper extension options, the button is on bottom of the panel that pops up when you activate the Web Clipper. The default keyboard shortcut is set to ` (no modifier keys).

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