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Too many notebooks to sync

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I am sure there are replies to this question but I have looked and read on the interweb and here for months and still I cannot get evernote to sync. I updated it recently. I have uninstalled it, removed it from the computer registry, reinstalled it 3x on each computer and still it will not sync. I am at my wits end.


Could someone please tell me (the actual solution) to the error which says


You have 159 synchronised notebooks. Plete delete some of the synchronised notebooks and try agin.


I have deleted like 90 notebooks and tonnes of notes but the same *T*&*U(**& message.


How can I fix this please and could someone please give me the steps to take.





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Does the number of notebooks on the web match the number on your PC?  How many local notebooks if any?  


This might be extreme, but have you considered rebuilding your data base?  I would put this on the bottom of the fix list, but data bases have been known to get corrupted.  (Recently I had to do a rebuild to have Shift-Tag work on all tags.  Made no sense to me, but it fixed the problem is the only reason I bring it up.)  


Depending upon how many notes and local notebooks you have it can be a reasonably painless process, if you decide to do it.  Last resort though, may not fix anything.

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