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Using AppleScript and APIKey



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Let me be more specific - can a Mac application fire AppleScript at Evernote WITHOUT Evernote having to upgrade their Mac App Store entitlements?


My Mac application would have to request that entitlement but does Evernote also have to have such an entitlement?

Still want to understand if this also requires the API key or is API key limited to SDK usage?




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Steve, I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I have been using AppleScripts running on my Mac that deal ONLY with the local Evernote.app and database on my Mac.


If you do a google on "evernote applescript" you'll find lots of examples.

One of the best sites is veritrope.com -- lots of really great AppleScripts for Evernote.


Good luck.

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Its how you are using these scripts that is key to my question.

If you are using it as an end-user and ScriptEditor that is permitted,

Do you build your own AppleScript applets?

My question concerns my ability to send AppleScript from inside another Mac application.

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I run most of my Evernote AppleScripts while Evernote is active, and I just use a shortcut key or select the AppleScript from the Apple menu.


However, I do run a few from Keyboard Maestro, and they seem to work fine without issue.


AFAIK, AppleScript is designed to permit communications among various Apps and the System.

So I can access Evernote from TextEdit, and vise-versa.

Probably the best way to know what you can do is to run a few simple AppleScript tests.

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Usage as you have described, user usage, is reasonably hoped for behavior in OS X.


I believe that possibly, Evernote, and Keyboard Maestro may have had to register individual entitlements for these interactions to be permitted.

2 different apps, both from Mac App Store, communicating data, is something Apple keeps a tight leash on, and is moving forward cautiously.


It also seems that the Evernote SDK is the future and AppleScript will continue to fade... true?

If I use the SDk in my MacApp what are my entitlement requirements?




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