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Warning to anyone using Evernote and Sync....



I am posting here more as a warning than anything to how dangerously bad their code is. I have used off an on since they came on the scene.  Last week I moved all my notes to their system, maybe a 150 total. Not much. Mostly all text.  Only one note is edited daily 20-30 times.  The rest are hardly touched.  This is the one note they did an Evernote on.  And I mean EVER and ever and ever......


Copy of my last somewhat heated reply to their tech support who has just completely ignored my very simple email and sent a form letter response:



Just to let anyone who cares your program is complete bunk!  In the matter of a few hours your program has converted a  note of approximately 60 lines to over 1200 lines of "conflicting modifications"!!!  At no point did I even see so much as a warning you were appending this cr@p to my note.  


My actual modifications appear to be hidden in the garbage.


I now have the wonderful task of staying up all night to fix your cr@p so I can find my notes I made last night buried in your core dump note system appending sync hell!


I hope your CEO Phil Libin is happy duping 80 million users to use this cr@p.


Do NOT ask me again to help beta test this garbage by spending my time to produce your log files.


Good Day.


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Hi.  I'm sorry you had a bad experience,  but that isn't a common situation - there are (I'm told) over 100 million users now,  and most of them don't have these conflicts.  They're usually generated by having two version of Evernote running on two separate devices - both updating notes every 30 minutes or so.  Because Evernote can't tell which version of the different notes it's seeing (if you're using one client,  the other is sending copies of an older version),  and in order not to lose your valuable work,  Evernote saves both versions.  In this case that really didn't work out so well,  and experienced users of the app tend to be careful to edit on one device only,  and sync their work before,  after and frequently during editing sessions.


I hope you managed to get your work back successfully,  and will find a suitable alternative product in future cases.

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As far as I know, it is primarily a problem in iOS that can best be avoided by being very careful with the sync, especially by avoiding having the account open at once on two devices. The Mac should be fine, as it creates conflicting modifications in a separate file (a pain to sort out as well, but at least your note content hasn't been mangled through the process).


I made a suggestion back in 2012 to improve the situation, but I guess I wasn't very persuasive. I still think my suggestion makes sense. Hopefully, they'll reconsider it.


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