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Windows (Desktop) Unable to log in


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I am able to log in via web, from iPhone, but not from the desktop client.  See log below for client version.  I've rebooted the machine, reinstalled the client, checked the firewall to make sure Evenote can make it through.  Client acts like it can't hit the Internet.  I have no other issues with the machine (on the web now).  Evernote has worked on this machine in the past, on this network.




5:16:30 [4604] Evernote for Windows (274870) Public
15:16:30 [4604] Client info: Evernote Windows/274870; Windows/6.3.9600;
15:16:30 [4604] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedLastUsed)
15:16:30 [140] Requesting bootstrap info from "www.evernote.com" (en-US)
15:16:30 [140] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/user
15:16:30 [140] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT
15:16:30 [140] Bootstrap info: request to "www.evernote.com" failed, error: timeout
15:16:30 [4604] Could not retrieve fresh bootstrap info, assuming service host "www.evernote.com"
15:16:30 [4604] Setting the service host to "www.evernote.com"
15:16:31 [4604] Announcements feed download failed, error=INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT
15:16:31 [4604] * statusCode=0
15:16:31 [4604] * statusText=
15:16:31 [4604] * url=https://announce.evernote.com/?platformProduct=w32-evernote&locale=en-US_US

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