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Help! Business Card Organization

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My boss has asked me to organize his 10,000 + business cards.  I am looking at Evernote as a way to do this.  I will not have my boss's phone to take the pictures of the cards.  I guess I will use my own phone (or a digital camera?  is that possible?).  Is there a way for me to organize all these business cards and get the data to my boss's i phone and email account?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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When I tackled a pile of business cards, I created a "Business Card Library" notebook (title it whatever you want), and directed my Business Card Evernote settings (Settings > General > Camera > Business Cards) to automatically send the scanned notes to that notebook. Once this was set up things went pretty quickly--using Evernote or Scannable will take you about 1 hour for every 75-100 cards once you get the hang of it. At least that's how long it's taken me to chew through a pile of cards in the past. 


From here it should be as simple sharing the notebook via Work Chat to give your boss access to the business card notebook.


I haven't tested yet, but I would assume that if they direct their Business Card notebook (in their settings) to the notebook you shared with them, and then activate "Save to Contacts" that it should also sync your bosses notes to his/her own device's contacts.


Here are some more tips for scanning business cards: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988

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Thank you for your response, gbarry.  It sounds like this can be done, which is encouraging. 


I have no experience with evernote.  what do I sign up for?  what I really need is a step by step guide for this for a person who is 100% new to evernote.


in my experience, the first look at evernote is intimidating.



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Hi.  It should be fairly simple - just download and install Evernote on your desktop machine(s) from Evernote.com,  and on your phone from Apple or Google stores.  You need to create a premium account - upgrade the free downloaded account from Evernote directly if you can.  Then,  within Evernote on your phone,  create a new 'camera' note;  and when the camera screen opens,  drag the screen across to the 'Business Card' option.  Take a picture and follow the prompts.  See @ gbarry's link above for more on the detail.  If you then log in to a desktop with the same user details as on your phone,  you'll be able to see all the cards and details you 'scanned' on the phone.

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