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Acrobat Reader XI to Evernote?


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I'm using Mac with Yosemite and would like to know if Evernote supports exporting content from Adobe Acrobat Reader to Evernote. In Outlook there is an icon to export it to Evernote, but in the Reader there isn't anything. I didn't find anything on Google so thought I'd ask here.


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From Adobe Reader or build in PDF reader (Mac one). I didn't see the icon on PC platform either or on Mac installation of Adobe Reader. I'm thinking here along the lines of same icon as we have in Outlook on the PC. 

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No you can't. You can drag PDFs to Evernote.

If you are running Yosemite you can drag a pdf to Evernote in the Dock. Of course you have to save it to somewhere first like "downloads" or perhaps "desktop" if thats how you roll. 

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