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Outlook plugin and note size


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I've had this issue from the get go - when Adding to Evernote from Outlook (2010), the size of the note created is signifcantly larger than if I forward it to my evernote email account.


For example, I've just received an invoice from Amazon. When I forward it, both the original email and note are about the same size - approx 66kb. When I use the plugin however, it's around 250kb.


I've googled this a lot and cannot find anyone with similar concerns - perhaps no-one bothers about their file size, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.



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Hi.  If you've ever looked at an email's source code you'll know that the content and the header information that you don't see is often bigger than the few lines that you do.  AFAIK Evernote strips out all the unnecessary details when it receives a note by email,  but may keep much more if it's clipped from Outlook.  Unless a friendly Evernote person cares to drop a dime on this,  we may never know - it's worth bearing in mind if you clip lots of emails in a free account,  but with 100MB per note and 4GB per month,  it shouldn't worry any premium users over much...

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Outlook Clipper works very much the same way as the Web Clipper. It takes the HTML content of your email and converts it into ENML which is what the Evernote clients understand and render. 

The converting process may bloat the size depending on what type of content is in the note and this is expected. 


This shouldn't be a reason for any concerns. 

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