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I have a note that I use as a journal. It is 73kb and has text notes since March 2013. On my Android app (v7.0), the note has become very slow and laggy. I couldn't even paste text into the note today. It has been a problem for a few weeks now. It also takes 3-4 seconds for the app to respond when I move the cursor. A couple weeks ago, I had major problems with trying to edit one place of text and having words in a different area of the note be deleted. That seems to be fixed now. Please advise.


Is there a way to remove any broken hypertext in a note or other buggyness?


Thanks in advance!

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Well.  IMHO lots of small notes are a lot better than one very large one.  To ensure this one isn't hiding any nastiness,  you could consider exporting it to an ENEX file and then re-import it;  but NB that will break any inter-note links you may have embedded in the note.

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