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Samsung Note 3 -- How can I redeem the free Premium offer?

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I purchased a Samsung Note 3 last year and when I downloaded Evernote, I got a message saying I was eligible for one free year of Evernote Premium. I waited for several months to redeem the offer, because I wanted to use it when I needed it the most (studying for preliminary exams). Now, I tried to find the offer (which would pop up at the top of my phone), but it is not longer there.


How can I redeem the offer that came with my Samsung Note? I'd still like to try Evernote Premium free for one year.



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Hi.  That was (obviously) a Samsung offer and the only information I have on anything close is..

"To redeem apps and services, open Samsung Apps from the app drawer and select Galaxy Gifts in the category list. Here, you can find and download nearly all the apps and services mentioned above. Make sure to login with your username and password to start your subscription or redeem your free storage space in Evernote, Bitcasa and other similar services."
I'd suggest you have a chat with your service provider,  or Samsung.
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Hi. I had the same problem. You should make hard reset of your phone than it will works. Dont forget to backup everything. After making basic settings just log in to Evernote and you'll see premium offer as I did. Hope its not too late and it will help you. Good luck.

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yeah I didnt realize it for a number of months after I bought the Note 3.

I did log in and it gave me 1 year free,

very cool.

now on the plus plan, cannot live without Evernote!

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