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Add option to turn off enhancement



I frequent use for scanning apps for me is when visiting relatives and looking through old pictures, I'll pull out my phone and "scan" the ones I like and might want a copy of. 


Scannable works great for this, but in many cases the auto-adjust feature meant to make text more readable messes up the picture of the photograph.


I can't find any setting to let me turn this off. Please add one to a future update.



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The app is really great but I experienced the same issue many many times now. Of course, after you scanned the picture, you can modify it and restore the original color. BUT, the app should scan in a quick and effective way, right? The current solution needs 3 clicks FOR EVERY scan (that means... 1) click on picture you just scanned 2) click settings 3) click restore. Way too long! So for each scan I do, I have to do this over and over again. Not really effective but time-consuming! ☹️

So let's say, when you scan pictures/documents that have e.g. light grey color in it, you can barely see it after the enhancement is made. Other examples are pictures as described before where you want to have the original color. My suggestion is as follows. You should enable a function under "Settings" with the name "Color enhancement" where there are 3 options to choose from:

1) Default (= Scannable default enhancement)

2) None (= Keep original color)

3) Individual (= Create your own "enhancement profile", e.g. brightness 30% and contrast 40% --> no more settings needed I guess)

This way you can always choose what fits best. Plus, it's really effective since you can set your preferred "color enhancement" setting as default. How does that sound? 😃

p.s.: Please make sure to vote when you like this feature (click on the arrow on the upper corner in the left) , otherwise, it doesn't get much attention, thx 😉 

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Yes please! I’m scanning kids artwork and losing the lovely qualities of their hand drawings and paintings because of the enhance feature. It’s useful but I would like the option to turn it off for scanning things like this. 

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