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Evernote & Pocket : questions about use ?


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Hye Evernote community members


I just read this morning an article about Pocket and Evernote productivity : https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/02/06/paperless-productivity-evernote-pocket/ and i'm wondering how to use them the best way.

From now, my evernote system was "performable actions" (to dos) with tags/contexts and i had my "to read later" articles amongst them.


With discovering Pocket, I now have and idea to get Evernote with only actionnable items or important references (bills/logins i need to remember) and to put all my "to read in pocket". So i wanted to put them all (about 100+ articles) in Pocket using tags that i already use in Evernote. Do you think it is a productive way to act ?


Is this possible to share all the articles in just an actionnable item such as "remember to read this article "article title" in Pocket", so that i can make a "Master to read" note in evernote with all things i have to read ?


Thanks in advance for your answers and advices

Best regards

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I think you've pretty much thought this through and come up with your solution... Pocket is a great "middle man"... a place to curate and read your articles before sending them to Evernote for permanent archiving/ reference. 


My workflow is such: I give myself 7 minutes a day to flip through a news aggregator, such as Zite on my iPad, and send any worthwhile articles to Pocket. I don't read anything in Zite. From there, at a different time, or perhaps directly after, I give myself a "Pomodoro" (about 25 minutes) daily to read through and curate any unread stuff in Pocket. Often I cull/ eliminate about 50% of the articles pushed from my Zite app, which I originally thought would be worth my time... but at second glance realize I can delete them. If I consider an article worth keeping, I send it through to Evernote.


I often clip articles directly to Evernote (EN web clipper) and bypass Pocket if I know I do not intend to read something and simply want it as reference. Also, sometimes I make annotations and/ or highlight text from articles within Clearly/ EN Web clipper feature as I read online, which saves to Evernote, so that I don't have to search/ re-read to find pertinent info./ summaries that caught my eye at the time of reading. Pocket doesn't do this. 


So you need to be conscious of what you intend to do with whatever material you come across. If you intend to read it later then Pocket is a good place for that. You can make further decisions about pushing reference material to Evernote later.


Anyways, by all means - create a reminder/ task in Evernote (or whatever task management app) to prompt you to read in Pocket. Creating a master list in Evernote of your articles in Pocket - I would have no idea how to do that... but I don't know whether that would be helpful. You could prioritize your reading within Pocket. If an article is a must-read or a priority, then go ahead and create a specific task in EN for that, or pop it directly into EN and give it a reminder.  

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Thanks Frank.dg for your kind answer. I've come to the same answer as you, after reading a lot this morning !!! I love your process workflow !!! I'll keep my "to read" articles in Pocket and use Evernote just for reference materials. I had a doubt about reading offline with Pocket, but it seems it does it out of the box without a premium account (do you have any idea if a premium account is worthit ?).


I'd like to link between Evernote and Pocket, but i can do a "priority" tag system in Pocket as in Evernote (1-Now, 2-Next etc). I didn't know there was a reminder system in Pocket. I will take a look at it. If anyone has a good idea about it, i'll take it


Thanks again very much for your answer !!

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I don't think there's a reminder system in Pocket just yet. Also, I've never had the need for Pocket premium. The free version has all I need :-)


Thanks again Frank :-) . I'll stick with the free version so !! You've never had problems with offline content in Pocket (just to know if i can really delete all my "Clippers" from Evernote ^_^ )

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