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Photo notes: change orientation and automatic flash light

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I would appreciate help to handle a couple of issues:

When "camera" is selected and I shoot I don't have control over the resulted image loaded in the note. For instance, I would like to choose if the image is inserted as landscape or portrait depending on the situation. Is it possible?

When "document" is selected and I shoot the orientation is always right, Evernote knows the text and makes wonderfully. The problem here is Evernote always turn on the flash light and on glow paper the resulted image is bad. I would like to have control when using the lights. Is it possible?

Many thanks,


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Thanks for reply right to the point!

The only issue remained is after pressing the dots in camera mode there is beside (or up depending the screen orientation) a circle which interior can be tweaked by an X or a filled circle.

What is it for?



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Ah.  The 'cross hairs' presumably mean you're toggling the location details on and off for that picture.  The lightning bolt is for the flash and the notched cog wheel to the right of the group is the settings icon which should open the options screen for the camera.

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