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exporting old notes to evernoteq

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I like this new Evernote I got prompted to install after running an update on my HTC ONE, but can someone please tell me how and where I can access my old notes I had prior to this update? All my files seem to have gone missing, I've searched the whole phone. There was no disclaimer of any kind prior to this awesome update, warning a consumer of potential data loss. After selecting "export files", files seem to be teleported to another dimension because it doesn't reach Evernote. Stuck between space and time perhaps. Please, any other ideas?

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Hi.  As you found out,  the HTC notes app has (apparently) recently upgraded to Evernote. 


The conversion process isn't obvious - HTC support at http://www.htc.com/uk/support/htc-one-mini/howto/381564.html explains some of the detail.

  • Go to Settings and click 'Accounts & Sync',
  • Look for 'Sync Notes with Evernote'.
  • Click on the 3 dots and you should find an option that says 'Sync now'.
  • It takes a little while but eventually all your Notes will be in Evernote.
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