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Add-on App for Batch processing evernote notes

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Hi Pat,

I've never heard of this before. I'm confused as to exactly what it is, and also intrigued.

Is Microsoft or a private developer offering the product? And what, exactly, is the product?


Anyone using this? The onenotegem people have been making addons for onenote for some time, but I hadn't realised they were doing an evernote app as well. It looks potentially very useful but I'd be reluctant to unleash it on my database without some testimonials first.

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Well I THINK it is a standalone windows app that will process your evernote notes in batches. I've never felt the need to use their onenote offering as Onetastic is free and fullfilled all my batch processing needs. I might have to download the trial and see how it works.

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Hmmn.  Not heard of it before,  but some of the features seem like stuff a lot of people have been asking for..  definitely worth a trial!  If you;re worried about reliability though - make sure you backup your database before installing / using.  I have a secondary free account that I use for testing,  which might be the first target.  I'm not exactly sure how this works,  but if it's something you run 'outside' of Evernote,  I'd make sure that you're File > Exited from the main app too before you change things around.


And re OneTastic - I was amused that one developer wrote such a comprehensive add-in in his spare time and that MS are now promoting it as a 'must have'...

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