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Improve Evernote on Mac




I'm a heavy Evernote user and it really helped me to organize things

I used to work with Evernote mainly on a Windows PC but recently I got a Mac and I really found a lot of things that I don't like and thought I might share it with you


Left navigation context menu is useless
When I right click on a notebook I can't create a new note for example
You also can't create a new notebook from there too
It just display a useless options (for me) like collapse stack ?!


Maybe improve the user experience ?
For example there's not a single hover effect on any of the buttons.. so for me it seems a bit dull


Could you please take what I mentioned above into consideration ?


Thanks a lot.

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I agree, the functionality of the Left Side Panel is minimal.  In Ver 3 it was highly functional, but for some unknow reason the Evernote UI designers decided to move most of the functionality to the Notebook view and Tag view.


It would be much more helpful, and greatly improve our workflow and efficiency, if Evernote would put this functionality back into the Left Side Panel.  It seems like it would not be a great difficulty, since the functionality already exists, it's just a matter adding the Right-click context menu, and calling the existing methods.

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