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A place for beginner questions not in getting started guide?


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I have assorted beginner type questions, and couldn't find any where else to ask them. I hope this is an appropriate place.

I am sure I will have more as I get to know Evernote, which by the way, I love so far! 


How can I move the first notes I ever wrote, which are in my First Notebook, into a different notebook?


I keep hearing about web clipper, but of course I can't find it, or anything about it. Would I be able to use it to clip and then save a document?

Thank you!

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Moving notes in the Windows client:

* if you're editing a note, then you can just select a new notebook using the dropdown list in the upper left-hand corner of the note editor panel

* you can select a one of more notes in the note list, and drag them to a new notebook

* if you select more than one note in the note list, then the note editor changes into a panel where you can perform operations on multiple notes, including changing their notebook


The web clipper allows you to clip web pages to an Evernote note in your account. Very useful.

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The web clipper is a separate download from the app. You get it from the add in section of the browser you're using. IE, the Chrome clipper is downloaded from the Chrome extension store. The Firefox clipper is in the FF add on store. Simply Google:

Browser name Evernote clipper

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