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(Archived) Two killer problems

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I've used Evernote for a while now, and the more I use it the more I like it, except...

There are two situations that are, well from a programmer's perspective, unacceptable.

First, while I can import and use a dynamic table, I cannot create one. I can't even resize the columns in tables I create. Totally unheard of. This should be a number one priority on the things to do list.

The other thing is the inability to modify paragraph formatting. I have a number of items I imported from OneNote hoping to use EverNote as a replacement. Unfortunately, every one of them has normal paragraph line spacing which leaves an extra space between lines. The only way to fix it is to create a new note and re-enter all the information. What was the point of importing from OneNote in the first place?

Another thing I would like to be able to do is to use the tab key within the note editor. Generally Ctrl-Tab will allow a user to insert a tab in a table or other area where the tab key performs another function - such as moving to the next field. This would allow better formatting and I could create bullet lists with sub lists included.

Basically, however, you have a damned good product. For the price, I can't really complain too loudly. Just some thoughts that would make the product much better and position it as a true replacement for OneNote. I think it would also go a long ways towards making your ultimate target market want to use it as an in-house collaborative product, which would ultimately mean more money in the bank.

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