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Chromebook issues

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I can't seem to open attachments on my chromebook, xlsx spreadsheets won't open even though i have the excel app as well as google sheets installed, it says "no application found to open this attachment" On my google phone, everything works fine....Am i missing something or is Chrome OS not quite there yet?

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Do you mean the android app on the chromebook and not the web version?


If so there is an issue with this both for docx and xlsx files. I raised a support ticket and the response was that because a chromebook won't run msoffice the you can't open the files from evernote. I also asked about opening the app in full screen and the response was that they had no plans to address that issue for the time being.


Any development with the app on the chromebook appears to have at the moment stalled IMO which is disappointing as it is an ideal way of being able to access evernote when in offline mode.

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