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Trouble modifying typeface





Is anyone else having the following problem or know a solution to it?


Ever since two software updates ago, I've not been able to consistently bold, italicize, underline, etc. my type using either the keyboard or the toolbox button. Typically, what happens is I select a particular typeface (e.g. italicized text) and see the corresponding button highlighted in the toolbox, but as soon as I begin to type, the button is no longer highlighted and the text generated is not in the previously selected typeface. This happens erratically.


I'm currently using the latest version of the app for OSX 10.8.5. 


Thanks for your attention

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Only suggestion I'd have is the usual one of backing up your database,  and (provided you have no local or unsynced notes),  uninstalling Evernote and re-downloading the app from Evernote.com to reinstall the latest version - now 6.0.7.

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