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Duplicate notes on iPhone and Computer

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I use evernote on both my iPhone app and on the computer, and sometimes when doing so, my notes get duplicated, isntead of just updated.


EG i have a note called "Meetings."  I added a bunch of stuff to it on my computer.  Later in the day, I loaded it up on my phone, and made new updates to it.


Later, when I went back to my computer, there were two notes titled "Meetings", and only one included the updates I made on my phone app.  


It's like when I update on my phone, it makes a new copy of the original note.  I'd like the changes to just synch up on to one note, and not create duplicates.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a bug?

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You may be the victim of improper syncing.


I have developed a habit that helps me avoid 99% of sync issues:

  1. Manually sync, and sync often.  Don't rely on the autosync.
  2. Always manually sync after:
    1. Entry/Edit of an important Note
    2. The end of each session
    3. The end of each day
    4. You're finished with one device, and want to switch to another device
    5. You first start using another device
  3. For important work, view the Notes on the other device to make sure all Notes are sync'd
  4. Backup important and hard-to-replace Notes. Go to File > Export to export as an ENEX archive file.
  5. Make sure you have an active, frequent Backup system always running (at least once a day, hourly if possible)
    1. I use Time Machine on the Mac for hourly backups of changes
    2. A lot of people use the online backups like Carbonite and CrashPlan

I know it may sound/look like a lot of work, but once you get into the habit of doing this stuff, it becomes automatic, second nature.

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JM gives you the full method, good stuff.  The economy version is to be sure and sync whenever you enter and leave a platform.  That, and don't be updating on two platforms at the same time.  Those two things should keep you out of trouble sync wise.

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JM gives you the full method, good stuff.  The economy version is to be sure and sync whenever you leave a platform.  That, and don't be updating on two platforms at the same time.  Those two things should keep you out of trouble sync wise.


Well, Cal, since you chose to summarize my "full method", I have to point that that you missed a very important step:  You must also sync before you start using a different device.  Not doing that will get you into trouble.


Your economy version may be easier to read, but I have found this is area where it does not pay to take shortcuts.


It does not hurt to "over-sync", but not syncing enough can, and will likely, get you into trouble.  Evidence of that is the many reports of sync issues in these forums.

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Yeah, just didn't want to mix syncs and backups, and I did Inadvertently drop the ....enter and.... a platform, thanks for the catch.  Edited the post above.


I must say though that I find IOS to be reliable in syncing after a note edit or add (assuming in wifi coverage), and since I typically close the IOS version when done, I have to reopen which generates a sync automatically.  Opening Win version generates a sync, but that doesn't help if it was already running.  

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That's the problem with assumptions.  I have seen many complaints from people who have entered notes on iOS when not connected to the internet.


The backup comments are at the end of my steps, so I doubt that is really a distraction.  IAC, I don't regret including the backup stuff.  Many issues posted here could be easily solved if the user had good backups.   IMO, we need to encourage backups whenever possible.


If you want to be safe with syncing, there are no shortcuts.

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I know when I am in wifi coverage, that wasn't the assumption, one acts accordingly if not.  Folks can sync as often as they like and backup as often as they like, no issues there with me.  Just be cognizant if you have or haven;t is the Cliff's notes version.  


Remarkable thing that I don't have any sync issues, I must be very fortunate with my method.   ;)

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The remarkable thing is how many other people posting in these forums *do* have sync issues.  I think maybe you've been lucky.

It's like saying I've never had a hard drive failure, so backups aren't really all that necessary.

They aren't necessary until the time comes that you do have a failure.

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Problem is that most of us are not consistently lucky.  I think it's unwise to promote data security practice based on being lucky.

A better saying is "it's better to be safe than sorry".  So I will continue to counsel the full manual sync practice, and not rely on luck.


Yes, this banter has been quite a distraction from the OP's topic.  

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Look them up, they are not the same.  Practice is just ONE form/part of preparation.

Good grief JM...will you PLEASE STOP WITH THE NITPICKING???? It only adds UNWANTED NOISE. Get a hobby or something.

@Gaz: You have contributed as much as anyone to "scaring the audience".

If you'll look back over the posts, I make a joke about reinstalling, and then suggested that the user submit a bug report.

It was you that started this whole debate about bugs by making the rebuttal comment "I don't think this qualifies as a 'bug'", when you didn't have the factual basis or logic to make such a claim.

You can move on by stop trying to make me look like the bad guy, and just deal with the technical issues as we agreed to earlier.

You do a darned good job of making yourself look like the bad guy. Let's see...this week alone, you've nitpicked with csihilling:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/page-2#entry345419

Jefito & GM:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41178-evernote-annoyance-creating-sub-folders/page-3

And Gaz. (And I've not even linked to the various threads - this week alone).

Maybe you should step away from the keyboard & take a lot of deep breaths, since you seem to be a huge contributor of (to use your term), noise.

And the madness continues...JMiU please stop arguing about and nitpicking EVERY SINGLE THING THAT someone you don't like says. MOVE ON.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/?p=346772
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Well, the IOS version syncs right after you exit the note (assuming you have a connection).  The PC version syncs right away if you have opted for Enable instant sync.  So if you aren't bouncing between platforms one right after the other and you let the app sync when you open it on the platform, sync issues don't occur (unless you have a connection issue).  My experience anyway.  Belts and suspenders says to sync when you enter/exit a platform.  I only do when I am bouncing from one to the other, but not normally.  YMMV..

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