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Note Title Different From .pdf Title

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I have several EN notes that are .pdf files, but when I open the note in in my .pdf application (Adobe Acrobat), the title of the .pdf file is different from the title of the note.  For example, my EN note "Medical Bills.pdf" displays the proper title at the top of the note in EN, but when I click on the "eyeball" icon to open the note in Acrobat, the file name displayed by Acrobat is completely different, although the note itself is accurately displayed.  This creates confusion when I open numerous notes as .pdf files, but I can't identify the individual files as their correct EN notes.  Is there a way to correct the .pdf filename to match the EN note title?  I have tried renaming the .pdf file in Acrobat, but the next time I open the EN note in Acrobat, the old incorrect title reappears.  I should also add that this problem exists for only some of my notes.  Most of my .pdf notes display the same title in EN and Acrobat. 

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