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(Archived) Icons are poor quality on hi-res devices


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The application icon looks very blurry on my shiny new Nexus one (and I assume Droid users would experience the same). It would also be nice with an application icon that is more in line with google's new style of icons. (Square with a nice subtle drop shadow)

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You mean the main application icon that you see on the phone's home screen?

On my Droid, it looks ok, and a lot of other apps have non-square icons (e.g. the "Music" icon for the built-in app). Maybe this is an Android 2.1 change.


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Just wanted to chime in and confirm that it looks sub par on my Droid as well. Evernote's icon for the iPod is beautiful... not sure why it's different on the Droid but it needs some attention. The tilted 3D look seems amateurish, a bit dated, and rather disjointed from the rest of the icons in a given panel. Such an awesome app deserves better representation. :lol:

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