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Feature request - touchscreen support for Windows client


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I agree with Oisin75, I don't want or I don't need the Windows Touch client, I like the desktop client. It has much more features than the Windows touch (metro) client.

for example I can use the pen for a hand written note, the search is better, creating notes is much more comfortable and so on.


BUT it would be great, if the desktop client could be customized for touch devices like the yoga or the surface PCs.

Like in MS Office there is the regular application like power point or excel, that can be switched to touch mode which results in e.g. bigger buttons.


In my case I would love if the scroll bars could be adjused so that I could use them for scrolling without mouse.

on my surface pro 3 scrolling with finger or pen in evernote desktop client is a pain in the ..a

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Did you check out the link above?  Evernote has released a beta version of a new Touch app...


It's still pretty much the same poor app as three years ago, but it's nice to see that it might get a second chance with further development due to Windows 10.

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