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Crappy Sales Survey!

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I was quite eager to raise shortcomings when I saw an Evernote survey in my inbox. Boy did they fool me, stupid customer that I am. I should shut-up and assume the milking position.


The survey asks how much we'd like upcoming features. When I say I'm not clear on what a feature means, they explain it and ask if I am now clear on it. This survey is just a strategy to make us aware of all the products we could upgrade to. There wasn't a single opportunity to tell them what a lame-ass job their doing on making the product work for us. I couldn't tell them:

  • That I still haven't upgraded to desktop v5 because it doesn't display audio notes so that I can play them.
  • They constantly change around the features so that I have to relearn the product. Though I think they've gotten better about that one.
  • That playback of audio is constantly reset when I update the tags and title based on the content of the audio I'm replaying.

I'm sure there are other issues I can't think of right now. I know you guys aren't trying to be as disrespectful as I'm suggesting, but you're thinking more about lining your pockets than listening to your customers. Focus on the latter and the former will come.


All that said. They are the only game in town. But when someone gives them a descent challenge, I'll be eager to move.


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Hi.  We're mostly users here,  so there will be some who agree with you,  though your main gripes seem to be a bit specialised about audio.  I admire your patience in completing a survey - haven't had one from Evernote (ever) so I didn't know they did that sort of thing.  You could always start a discussion here though - Evernote staffers do read these pages,  even if they don't comment (often) on individual cases...

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They fly by quickly.  I received an email for a survey from EN yesterday at 10 AM, clicked the link at 12:30 or so and the survey was closed.  Seems I remember the speed of closure in another thread not too far back.  Anyway, they exist, still don't know what's in them.   ;)

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I completed it.  It asks how important various features are to you.


Towards the end they concentrate on levels of membership.  They seem to contemplating 3 levels instead of 2.


Basic(free), the "I can't remember the name" level($25/yr), & Pro($50/yr).  That's the best my failing memory can recall.  The intermediate level was pretty 

feature filled.  Intermediate had 1 gig upload, Pro was unlimited.




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