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Search for notes from notebook or with tag

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I would like to search for all notes that are EITHER located in a particular notebook OR have a particular tag. I tried to use the "any:" operator but with no success. Here's how I searched: 

any: notebook:INBOX tag:"c: customer"

Is it not possible?

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It is not possible. You want to list all notes, regardless of the tag, from a specific notebook (INBOX) and all notes elsewhere that contain a specific tag (c: customer). But frankly, I don't understand why you would want all the irrelevant notes from your INBOX notebook included, unless you only have a few notes there.


Since notebooks have exclusive relationships with notes, at most one notebook can be provided for the search. I believe the notebook search has to be located before the  any:  search.
notebook:INBOX any: tag:"c: customer" tag:"another tag"
See more details in the Evernote Search Grammar link
There are some work arounds. Assigning tags and removing tags from groups of notes is relatively easy.
What I might do is assign a temporary tag to:
1.) all notes in the specific notebook INBOX 
2.) all notes that contain the specific tag
3.) search for the temporary tag
Afterwards, I would delete the temporary tag. The entire process would take less than a minute to accomplish.
Edit: actually, for step 1, I would search only for the notes that meet my criteria and assign the temporary tag to those few notes. then continue to step 2.
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