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Gather Facebook posts information in Evernote?

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Hi everyone!


The last couple of months i've been subscribing to a lot of facebook groups that are related to my niche. Almost daily i find really valuable/actionable information that i add to evernote. However, it's hard to keep up to date with all the facebook notifications, etc, and update the original evernote note if there's more information being shared in the FB post a week later, for instance.


Does anyone has that type of issues too? How do you deal with that? Did you find any good workflow or app for that?


At the moment i'm just using the Evernote extension for Chrome and select the text in the FB post but then I need to manually add information if the FB post gets more valuable comments. There's gotta be a better way for doing this, right?


Thanks for the help!


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If I understand you correctly,  I think you're probably going to find that Facebook is the best way to follow Facebook.  If you 'like' pages you're interested in,  that content will show on your Facebook page.  If necessary you can start a new facebook 'fan' page for your interest - whether it's racing / bikes / music or whatever - and 'like' from that page,  so you see the current posts from all your liked sites in one place.  If one site has something of interest,  go to that page and go back through the history to find more similar stuff.

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I find it quite useful to cull information from Facebook from time to time. For instance, I follow Tony Horton's (P90X) Facebook page, and often there is info related to diet and routines that I like to hold on to and send to Evernote. So I'm on the same page as you Raul.


Facebook does not make it easy to export/ save/ bookmark/ search information. Often very frustrating to track down something you've seen before... even recently. Thus the need to clip information from Facebook to Evernote. 


Just like Raul does, the most practical (when on Desktop) is to use the EN web clipper and select the info. you want to clip to Evernote. Trying to save FB info when on a smartphone is a PITA. But going back to Desktop... the best suggestion I can give you, Raul, is to make use of tags in Evernote instead of trying to append additional information to one note in Evernote. You can add tags directly in the web clipper. The mail-to-Evernote feature allows you to append the contents of an email to an existing note in Evernote (via the email subject line), but that's not an option in this case, unless you do it manually. So my recommendation is to stick to the web clipper and use the "Selection" mode (as you've been doing)... but also tag your clipping accordingly on the spot. When there are additional comments or posts on a related topic, clip them into separate notes, but give them tags that will allow you to filter more specifically in your actual Evernote client. 


You can also tinker with the settings of the web clipper and automate your notebook destination and tags.


Other than that, I don't think there is an efficient and "clean" way to include all subsequent and additional Facebook post comments in one Evernote note. You would be better off copying the share link of that particular post into the corresponding EN note... then you could reference that specific post in its entirety from Evernote by following the link. 

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I haven't tried this,  but can you set up your FB preferences so that you get an email to tell you of new content?  I know that works for page likes and posted comments..  If you can somehow generate your notifications in email,  it would be a relatively easy task to forward it to your account email address and find linked comments by Search...  just a suggestion..

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Late response but I just found a possibility which works for me.

When you click on the time of a Facebook post, there is a pop-up where you can chose "share the link".  This link I send to my Evernote mail and can follow up new answers later and copy the necessary content with the clipper.

Works at least on Android with chrome.


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