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Spam email is appearing in my account

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Recently I'm getting Spam emails into Evernote.

What I mean is that in my email app I get spam mail and I delete those, but they show up in Evernote like something is forwarding those to my Evernote emailaddress.

Can somebody help me out with this.

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Hi.  If something addressed to your normal email address is finding its way into Evernote,  then you must have set up that connection at some point.  It doesn't happen automatically.  If the spam mails into your account are sent to your Evernote account email address,  you can change that address - see the Settings page in your account at Evernote.com.  I'd also suggest you report it to Evernote.

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2 hours ago, pollywatt said:

I’m wondering if I did something in IFTTT.

Hi.  Sounds very much like a redirection problem.  If you can't find the answer quickly,  it's also possible to change your Evernote email address (though not to something more friendly) -




Resetting your email address

Your Evernote email is randomly generated to protect you from spam. If you ever want to change it to another random address, click “Reset incoming email” in the Setting section of Evernote Web. If you do reset it, don’t forget to update your address book.


(from http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/03/16/emailing-into-evernote-just-got-better/)

The redirected emails should bounce back to the app that spawned them,  and you can then (hopefully) find the culprit when it complains. 

(Beware stopping wanted redirects with the address change though..)

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