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Email Notification & Tracking Comments & Changes

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I'm a newbie here. 


Everyone says that Evernote is so good for collaboration, but i'm a little stuck with one of the features. One of the company I work for want to use it so that everyone can "clip" content they find, then one person can draft social media posts for me & one of the CEOs to approve. I know about the new work-chat feature, but I'm not sure that's exactly what we're looking for because it doesn't send email notifications.

I have created notebooks, and shared them with the relevant people in a company. I need to figure out:

1) Once the posts are drafted, I guess the writer can "share" them via email.

2) But we also want to be notified, via email, when comments have been added or changes have been made to the document and/or the document has been approved.

Does anyone know how to automate this process in Evernote?

Also, how can we "track changes" so that we know made what comment/change. I dont think work-chat allows us to do that, right? 




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Have a look at Evernote Business.  There are business-level libraries of notes as well as personal accounts for - well,  personal use;  an administrator (or administrators) control variable access to the business libraries,  and sharing and collaboration is possible between users and customers.  Notification is not a feature,  because if you log into the account for reference,  you'll automatically see the latest content.  Work Chat will allow you to send out company-wide messages as and when necessary - it's not a 'live' feature,  it's just a way of leaving a post-it note for a colleague or a group.  You need to do your own due diligence however if you're getting into a company-wide system - for personal protection,  if nothing else!

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