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published notebooks vanish / are deactivated


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hi evernotes :-)


for my customers i use published notebooks. for weeks i have issues with that:


when i publish a notebook i ceck it and everything is fine. i post the official link to my customer. motst of the times i get a negative response telling me that the link is not active.

the i check it again and recognize that the notebook switched itself "off". my customer is not able to see the notebook. then i have to go to the preferences of the notebook again to switch it "online" / publish it again... 


can anybody help me? :-)


it is a nervetaking issue, specially because my cutomers need to have a look on the published notebooks... and evernote switches them off all the time..



i'd be grateful for a hint !!


thank you in advance


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Hmmn.  Evernote had one period recently when it wanted to stop public links,  but seems to have relaxed that particular requirement for the moment at least.  If you're continuing to have problems there would have to be another cause...  have you found any links being switched off in the last couple of weeks?

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hi gazumped,


unfortunately yes. thank you for your reply!


same behaviour for weeks now. some published links were randomly switched off again and again.

i got some hints by my customers who were not able to see their notes... 


is the amount of published notebooks or notes restricted? as far as I know, no. i had evernote support contact. they asked me for complete new installation. in other words: they don't know the reason either.

a complete new installation would kick me off for weeks because i have more than 10 GB to receive.

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Curiouser and curiouser..  there is a restriction on published notebooks,  but unless you've got hundreds out there it shouldn;t affect you..  Do you have a spare computer you could install / reinstall Evernote on?  If you can get your database downloaded to another machine you can physically copy the databases folder from that machine (which needs to have the same OS) to your own and overwrite that current folder.  If you have any local (unsynced notebooks) that needs additional steps,  so please tell us.  And you'd lose any changes made to your current database after the spare machine started its download.  It's possible to export those changes (you'd need to find the notes by created/ updated date) before replacing the database folder.


I'd suggest experimenting with a spare computer (if you can source one) just to see how long the database download takes.  Mine's (well) over 10GB and when I did this earlier this year (long story) it took 24 hours or so to complete.  So if your experience is the same,  maybe you could manage the downtime for a day or two?


On the spare computer,  all you need do is install Evernote and log in with your existing user details,  or (if the app is already installed) change user - log out of the existing user and into your own,  and your database will appear...

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