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Sending scans to the accountant



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If your accountant uses Evernote, you can create a notebook, put your scans in it, and share the notebook with them. 

Otherwise, depending on the contents of the notes and how the scans are attached you can:

a) Select all of the notes that contain the scans, right click and "save attachments" to any folder you like which can then be sent to them

b ) Select any number of notes and print them to PDFs (this would be on the Mac, on Windows I'm sure a similar thing can be done)


There may be some other folks here with a genius idea to how to accomplish this. 


Might also help if you let us know what operating system and evernote version you are using. 

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On Windows, for PDFs, the usual method is to use a PDF printer driver. There are about a bazillion free ones out there; I've used a few, and they've all seemed roughly equivalent. Once you've installed one:


* Select your notes in the note list, right-click and select "Print..."

* In the Print dialog, Select the PDF printer driver as your printer

* You'll probably want to look at the Evernote printing options to customize the "printout", including printing note title, etc, and printing each note on a separate page: click Options in the lower left corner of the Print dialog.

* After you've clicked the Print button on the Print dialog, you'll need to select a filename / folder for the PDF file.


That's about it!

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Wow. Thanks guys for commenting on my question so soon.,,

What you've explained makes sense so thank you for that.

I don't know if the operating system would make a difference other than you get the same result a different way.

I'm on an Apple MacBook Pro with the latest software and operating system.

Thanks again guys for your help.

Greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Mike Craft.

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Hi There Guys,


Thanks again for the input to my question, however, I can  see an option to print in Evernote but cannot select multiple files.

It means I will have to do each note separately.


I can select all the notes I need and export them as an attachment collectively but they don't keep their re-named file names I've given them once scanned initially.

They are just called Scannable Document 1,  Scannable Document 2, Scannable Document 3, etc


Thanks again for your help.



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To select multiple files for print, hold cmd and click the notes you want to print, if they aren't contiguous (one right after the other). Or, select the first, hold shift, then select the last to select a contiguous group. Once you have made this selection press cmd-p or File>Print, then select the appropriate options,

Note that the print dialogue ONLY shows ONE of the notes you have selected, but once your print it to PDF it will actually proceed to print all of your selection. 

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