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Andrew Magario

Cannot Unselect GPS/WiFi Setting In Evernote Android Application

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Hi all,

I'm new here. I just dropped the below off to tech support and am hoping there's a simple fix to this. If anybody has run into this before and can help it'd be so much appreciated:

I use Evernote on two Androids. A Samsung GS5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both on Verizon. On my GS5, in settings under "Notes" I can unselect both boxes. This is what I want for both my devices. However on my Note 4, the first of the two checkbooks is checked and gray so I cannot unselect it. This is a privacy issue for me and enough for me to stop using the Evernote application on both devices. Would you have any idea if there is a way for me to unselect the "Use GPS and WiFi" setting on my Galaxy Note 4? By the way you all do an amazing job and I LOVE your product! Hoping I can resolve this easily as I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Thanks. - Andrew


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Hi.  That's an oldie but goodie - try switching GPS ON on the phone that has a greyed out box,  then deselect the boxes and switch GPS off again.  For some reason best known to Android / Evernote you can't select not to use GPS if GPS is switched off...

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Well wouldn't ya know but that sure as heck did the trick. Thank you so much.

I'd actually stumbled upon the fix earlier this afternoon. I remembered that my Note had hit a critically low battery percentage earlier this morning. As is the case with many newer Androids, the phone automatically turns GPS off when it hits that point. Moreover the GPS has to be manually turned back on.

So it seemed a little illogical that turning it on would allow me to turn it off..but just as you said, that's all it takes.

Thanks again so much.



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