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Handwriting reconginiton

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Remember that OCR is a guessing game, and can generate more than one guess per sequence of characters. For example, in the sequence above, where you have written "next", which obtained a match, it's not unlikely that the OCR also generated "nest", "rest", "neat" and so on. If you're interested, you can spelunk this sort of stuff by looking at the note in its internal form (ENML). On desktop clients like the Windows client, you can export a note (or notes) to Evernote format (a .enex file) which you can examine in a text editor. You'd be looking for the "recoIndex" element, and all that it contains.

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Why has it gotten so good all of a sudden? Evernote has never managed to recognize my handwriting.





Are you using Penultimate to do your writing? They have grown in leaps and bounds technically, which in my case has been very noticeable... and may explain why, in tandem with Evernote's OCR (both within the Penultimate app and the Evernote clients themselves), your handwriting is a whole lot more "searchable"...

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