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Move between notebooks

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There is no way to do this. Moving between notebooks is really just applying a notebook filter on your note list, and Evernote doesn't remember filtered note list state between changes.

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-* sigh *-


Being able to go between notebooks and landing at your last location within each notebook would make it easier...


Problably not going to get....


Wanting more color within the User Interface...


Not going to get that one either ...


Thanks for the quick response!


Joe Despres

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Haven't tried, but if the sort sequences stay the same you could try adding a temporary shortcut in the shortcut bar to a note in each notebook and see if they return you to the same place. Not too hard to test.


EDIT:  Just got to my PC and the two temporary shortcuts do work.  The note you shortcut brings you to that note in the bottom of the list view.  Delete the shortcuts when done.  FWIW.

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OK, one thing that does work somewhat, at least in the Windows client, is the viewing history, which is a lot like browser history. You can go back/forward in history using the toolbar controls, or using Alt+LeftArrow or Alt+RightArrow. As filter information is retained in the history, notebook selection would be included.


In this case, assuming that you have: selected a notebook (which puts you at the top of the list), then moved to a note in that notebook, then selected a new notebook (top of that list) and selected a different note, going back in history will bring you in turn to those previous locations:

* to the top of the current notebook's list

* to the last selected note in the previously selected notebook

* to the first note in the previously selected notebook

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